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Why Join SGITC? Star

Why Join SGITC? Star

Why Join SGITC? Star

Why Join SGITC? Star

Why Join SGITC? Star

Why Join SGITC? Star

Our Core value

Collaborative Excellence

The community values the power of collective wisdom and collaboration. Members are encouraged to share knowledge, experiences, and insights to drive innovation, optimize IT processes, and achieve operational excellence. The synergy of diverse expertise within the community is the catalyst for continuous improvement and growth.

Action: Engaging in open discussions, workshops, and forums to collaboratively enhance IT processes and business outcomes.

Positive Work Culture

A thriving, supportive, and inclusive work environment is central to the community’s ethos. Members are dedicated to fostering a culture that promotes mutual respect, trust, creativity, and employee well-being, aiming to attract and retain top industry talent.

Action: Engaging in open discussions, workshops, and forums to collaboratively enhance IT processes and business outcomes.

Customer-Centric Innovation

The Surat IT Community is committed to exceeding customer expectations by focusing on delivering exceptional, innovative services. Insights on customer-centric strategies, emerging technologies, and industry trends are shared to enhance the value provided to a global clientele.

Action:Constantly evolving and adapting to stay at the forefront of the IT industry, ensuring customers receive unparalleled value.

Growth and Expansion

The community is a platform for networking, mentorship, and collaboration, fostering the growth and success of member companies. It's dedicated to connecting members for learning, partnership opportunities, and access to new markets and investments.

Action: Providing opportunities for CEOs, owners, and founders to connect, learn, and forge partnerships that accelerate organizational growth and expansion.



“Shaping Surat's IT Future” - Our vision is to unite CEOs, owners, and founders of IT companies in Surat. Together, we aim to enhance our IT processes, promote innovation, and foster a culture of knowledge exchange and operational excellence. Our goal is to make Surat a leading center for technological advancement, shaping Surat's IT future.



Our mission is to unite and empower the IT community in Surat, driving innovation and excellence through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the nurturing of emerging talent, with the aim of establishing Surat as a forefront of technological advancement.



Our goal is to transform Surat into a leading IT hub by fostering collaboration among IT leaders, promoting innovation and best practices, organizing knowledge-sharing events, and supporting the growth of startups and emerging IT talent.

Membership: Tailored for IT Owners in South Gujarat

At SGITC, our membership is uniquely designed to facilitate collaboration among IT company owners, fostering a community that drives the Surat IT Ecosystem forward.

IT Startup

Supportive Ecosystem for Startups: SGITC creates a nurturing ecosystem tailored for IT startups, providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and guidance. We understand the unique challenges faced by startups and offer customized support to help them navigate these early stages successfully.

IT Processes

SGITC focuses on streamlining IT processes and adopting best practices in South Gujarat's tech sector, enhancing efficiency, agility, and fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

IT Companies

Empowering Growth and Innovation: SGITC is dedicated to driving the growth of IT companies in South Gujarat by providing strategic insights, access to cutting-edge technologies, and guidance on best practices. We help these companies to enhance their operational efficiency and foster a culture of innovation, positioning them for success in the competitive global market.

IT Meetups

Building a Connected Community: SGITC organizes regular IT meetups, offering a dynamic platform for professionals to network, share ideas, and explore new trends. These meetups serve as a catalyst for collaboration, helping to strengthen the IT community in South Gujarat and keeping it interconnected and vibrant.

IT Seminars

Knowledge Expansion and Insight Sharing: We host a series of IT seminars featuring industry experts and thought leaders. These events provide valuable insights into the latest technological advancements, market trends, and best practices, aiding IT professionals and companies in staying ahead of the curve.

IT Collaboration

Fostering Synergy and Partnership: SGITC encourages collaboration within the IT sector, creating opportunities for partnerships and joint ventures. By promoting synergies between different entities, we help in unlocking new potentials and driving collective success within the IT ecosystem.

IT Professionals:

Enhancing Skills and Career Development: Our focus includes the continuous development of IT professionals in South Gujarat. We provide various training programs, workshops, and mentorship opportunities to help these individuals enhance their skills, advance their careers, and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

IT Events

Showcasing Innovations and Opportunities: SGITC organizes and supports a range of IT events, from conferences to tech expos. These events showcase the latest innovations, provide networking opportunities, and open doors for businesses and professionals to discover new opportunities and trends in the IT industry.

We prioritize

Knowledge Sharing at SGITC

At SGITC, we place a high value on the power of knowledge sharing as a cornerstone for advancing the Surat Tech Ecosystem. Our commitment is to create a vibrant community where IT knowledge isn't just exchanged but thrives through active engagement and continuous learning.

We facilitate this through a variety of initiatives:

Workshops: Our expert-led workshops are designed to delve into the latest IT trends, technologies, and best practices. These sessions provide an interactive platform for company owners to learn new skills, update their knowledge, and stay ahead of the evolving tech landscape.

Seminars: We host regular seminars featuring industry leaders, tech innovators, and thought leaders. These events are an opportunity for members to gain insights into cutting-edge developments in the IT sector, understand market dynamics, and explore new business strategies.

Collaborative Learning Sessions: Recognizing the diverse expertise within our member base, we organize collaborative learning sessions. These are peer-to-peer exchanges where members can share their experiences, challenges, and solutions, fostering a culture of mutual growth and support.

Resource Sharing: Our platform also offers access to a wealth of resources including case studies, research papers, and whitepapers. This repository of knowledge aids our members in keeping informed and inspired.

Networking Opportunities: Beyond formal learning, we provide ample networking opportunities. These interactions not only serve as a breeding ground for new ideas and collaborations but also strengthen the community bonds within the Surat Tech Ecosystem.

We prioritize

Work Culture Improvement at SGITC:

At SGITC, we recognize that the foundation of a thriving IT ecosystem is a robust and positive work culture. Our focus on work culture improvement is aimed at enhancing the overall environment within IT companies in South Gujarat, ensuring it is conducive to growth, innovation, and employee satisfaction. Here’s how we approach this critical aspect:

HR Policy Enhancement: We understand that Human Resources play a pivotal role in shaping the work culture. Our initiatives include workshops and training sessions for HR professionals to update and refine their skills. This encompasses modern HR practices, effective recruitment strategies, employee engagement techniques, and fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Development of Employee-Friendly Policies: We advocate for and assist in the development of employee policies that promote a healthy work-life balance, ensure job security, and foster a supportive and inclusive work environment. This includes guidance on flexible working hours, remote working options, mental health support, and career development opportunities.

Creating a Culture of Open Communication: Encouraging open and transparent communication within organizations is key to a healthy work culture. We facilitate sessions on how to create channels for feedback, regular employee check-ins, and fostering a culture where employees feel heard and valued.

Leadership Development: Recognizing the impact of leadership on work culture, we offer leadership development programs. These programs are designed to equip leaders with the skills to manage teams effectively, inspire innovation, and maintain a positive and productive work environment.

Regular Assessments and Feedback Loops: We support companies in implementing regular cultural assessments and feedback mechanisms. This helps in continuously monitoring and improving the work environment, ensuring it aligns with the employees' needs and the company's goals.

Community Building Events: Organizing community events and team-building activities is also part of our approach to enhance work culture. These events provide opportunities for networking, relaxation, and building a sense of community among IT professionals in the region.

We prioritize

Service/Product Excellence at SGITC

At SGITC, our commitment to service and product excellence is central to our mission of advancing South Gujarat's IT sector. We understand that the quality of products and services is paramount in maintaining competitiveness and achieving customer satisfaction. To this end, we focus on several key areas to drive improvement in quality:

Quality Assurance Frameworks: We promote the adoption of rigorous quality assurance (QA) frameworks and best practices. This includes guidance on implementing effective QA processes, regular testing methodologies, and continuous monitoring systems to ensure that products and services meet the highest standards.

Innovation in Product Development: Encouraging innovation is at the heart of product excellence. We facilitate workshops and seminars on the latest technologies and trends in IT, aiming to inspire our members to integrate cutting-edge solutions into their product development processes.

Customer-Centric Approach: We emphasize the importance of a customer-centric approach in service delivery. This involves training on understanding customer needs, feedback mechanisms, and adapting services to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Continuous Improvement Culture: Instilling a culture of continuous improvement is crucial for maintaining service and product excellence. We support IT companies in implementing methodologies like Lean and Six Sigma, which focus on regular evaluation and enhancement of processes.

Employee Training and Development: Recognizing that employees are integral to the quality of output, we offer training programs to enhance their skills and knowledge. This includes technical training, customer service skills, and workshops on emerging IT to

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: By fostering a collaborative environment, we enable companies to share insights and best practices. This peer-to-peer learning helps in identifying common challenges and exploring innovative solutions, leading to an overall improvement in product and service quality.

Benchmarking and Standards Compliance: We assist IT companies in benchmarking their products and services against industry standards and ensuring compliance with international quality norms. This not only improves quality but also enhances the marketability of their offerings.

We prioritize

Growth Opportunities at SGITC

SGITC is deeply committed to unlocking growth opportunities for IT companies in South Gujarat, focusing on vital areas such as sales enhancement and customer retention. We understand that sustainable growth is essential for the vitality and competitiveness of the IT sector. To achieve this, we concentrate on several strategic initiatives:

Sales Strategy Development: We offer resources and training to help IT companies develop robust sales strategies. This includes identifying target markets, understanding customer needs, and deploying effective sales techniques. We also focus on digital sales strategies, leveraging online platforms to reach a wider audience.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Practices: Encouraging the adoption of advanced CRM practices is a key part of our approach. This involves using CRM tools to manage customer interactions, track sales, and analyze data to identify sales opportunities and improve customer service.

Customer Retention Techniques: We emphasize the importance of not just acquiring customers but retaining them. This includes workshops on building customer loyalty, implementing loyalty programs, and understanding the key factors that drive customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Networking and Market Exposure: SGITC provides numerous networking opportunities that can lead to new business prospects. We facilitate events and conferences where members can showcase their products and services, connect with potential clients, and collaborate with other IT companies.

Training and Skill Development: Recognizing the importance of skills in driving sales and customer retention, we offer training programs in areas such as persuasive communication, negotiation skills, and customer service excellence.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement: We encourage companies to regularly collect and analyze customer feedback. This helps in continuously improving products and services, addressing customer concerns promptly, and adapting to changing market needs.

Market Analysis and Trend Insights: Providing insights into market trends and consumer behavior helps our members stay ahead of the curve. We share research and reports that can inform business strategies and help identify new growth opportunities.

About Us


SGITC Association facilitates member interactions and engages with government authorities on behalf of IT companies, organizing events such as seminars, medical and blood donation camps, competitions, and awards. It actively promotes IT-enabled services and contributes to social causes, emphasizing education, health, women's empowerment, and skill development. The association prioritizes protecting members' rights and advocating for their interests.





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How SGITC Works?

SGITC's mission is to bring together CEOs, owners, and founders of IT companies in Surat, fostering innovation, knowledge exchange, and operational excellence. Through collaborative networking, process optimization, and technology adoption, we empower Surat's IT leaders to shape the city's IT future, making it a hub of technological advancement and innovation.


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SGITC Association organizes the association members to interact with each other. Association Interact with Govt Authorities on the behalf of all IT companies Members to find solutions to their problem. Association also organizes seminars, medical camps for a general check-up, blood donation camp, games, competitions and awards prizes. Our association members make these arrangements to give back to society.